Chiropractic For The Mind, Body & Soul

Welcome to Mind, Body, Soul Chiropractic,
Zone Healing Center that gets AMAZING results! 
People all over the world are experiencing true healing through Zone Healing Therapy.  Dr. Chris Bowe, D.C. is one of only a handful of Zone Healing experts in the world. His patients include adults, children, expectant mothers, business professionals, athletes, doctors, and healers. Their ages range from newborn to late 90's. Read some of their success stories.
True healing occurs on a mental (mind), physical (body), and spiritual (soul) level
Real healing is achieved with:
•  Physical healing, including Zone Healing.
•  Proper diet, exercise and rest.
•  Mental/Spiritual healing, including an education
   on Natural Laws and their relation to health.
Dr. Bowe addresses physical, mental and spiritual healing with all of his patients.
Body Chiropractic offers a holistic approach to health care that includes massage therapy, nutrition and detoxification using whole foods through the Inner Klean Diet.